"Your safety is important to us. For now, we welcome all with proof of FULL VACCINATION.

Please note this is a temporary precaution."

A lot of people ask why we are operating as a fully-vaccinated venue. This is why.

The health risks posed by COVID-19 and the health mandates for social distancing that followed completely shut down our Swing Dance scene for over a year and a half, so we take this very seriously.

To put it simply, Swing Dancing is a contact sport. It is a high intensity form of exercise where you are often within inches of another person's face. Swing Dancing is not consistent with social distancing.

It is our goal to provide a space as safe as we can possibly create for our Swing Dance community.

COVID-19 continues to find individuals to infect. This pandemic is not over.

So, for the time being, with COVID-19 still prevalent and the specter of more dangerous variant strains looming, we will operate as a fully-vaccinated venue and follow county health guidelines regarding masks.

We understand that this is unwelcome news for some. Please know that we do not make this decision lightly. We love you all, and we eagerly await the day when these precautions will no longer be needed.


Rusty & Ron